I’ll be posting some recent and some not-so-recent videos here.

Whilst I try and find the time to assemble a ‘Demo Reel’, here’s a few clips to show how I’m doing.
First here’s 2 very talented Royal College students playing the wonderful ‘dialogue’ between violin and viola in Mozart’s ‘Concertante’.

Do please switch the viewer to ‘1080p’-Vimeo seems to default to something totally ‘Lo-res’!

This is Cordelia Williams playing the Schumann Piano Concerto with a ‘local band’, the Dorset Chamber Orchestra conducted by Walter Brewster. I only had 3 cameras in use here.

Here’s another chamber orchestra, the ISCA Ensemble based in Exeter and conducted by Roger Hendy and this is a recording made in the Sidmouth Parish Church during December ’23, with my cameras also trying to catch the orchestra hidden by those typical Victorian church pillars. They manage a great performance of excerpts from ‘Carmen’:

Next is Cordelia in a solo setting, a recital I recorded for her at Southampton’s Turner Sims Hall. This is the Schubert Impromptu in F minor, D935 No.1 – do watch in the 1080p HD setting again please:

This is one is from a pretty long time ago, way back to the late ’80s, which I’ve written a detailed article about it over on my ‘Classical Recording Blog’ page on this site.
This is the wonderful Kiri Te Kanawa singing an aria from the 1988 performance of Don Giovanni, for which I mixed the Ch4 broadcast sound. She sings this so perfectly and I wanted to show it as it’s never been heard in stereo before, as the live broadcast was still in the mono TV days:

SUBLIME! Despite the very lo-fi picture quality from an ancient VHS recording.

And this is the Don Giovanni ‘Commendatore Scene’ from the same 1988 Royal Opera production. As I’ve already mentioned, it was broadcast on Channel 4 in the last few months when was only possible to broadcast it with mono sound. I thought therefore it would be good to show it with the previously un-transmitted stereo mix I recorded. Still lo-fi pictures alas, but the 1″ broadcast video master is in the National Film archive, so perhaps it will appear again in full quality.

Because of the lo-res copy, it’s best viewed small! Sound is OK though!

I’ll link to some more videos soon, but don’t want to put out any material unless the artists have approved the use of it.